AI driven insights to fuel your B2B business success

Extract profitable insights that are hidden within your data and watch your revenue grow by up to 14%. Insighting offers a completely engineered solution for B2B companies.
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The power of AI meets your enriched data

AI sensors are deployed on internal and external data to reveal fast profitable opportunities. This enables swift action to be taken and monitored to ensure revenue growth.

Unlock key growth opportunities

Gain intuitive insights, grow profit margins, prevent loss of customers, and optimize your portfolio. The estimated value of each opportunity is right beside each insight enabling you to prioritize profitable actions. Our progress monitor provides you with real time transparency and the ability to focus on more execution.
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Engage with the right customer at the right time

Insighting identifies the customers that require immediate engagement enabling companies to engage just in time to experience increased customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Understand data, without the analysis

Our ‘Knowledge is power’ approach lets teams and individuals immediately understand the reasoning behind each insight without needing to waste time on further analysis. It is very self explanatory, when we provide an insight we also provide the why behind it.

From BI to AI

Why are companies moving from business intelligence to artificial intelligence? Because BI systems leave you looking for the needle in a haystack while AI shows you the exact actionable insight in order to profit.

Profitable intelligence offering coherent plans of action
3D Analysis using various data sets to draw the right conclusions
A proactive solution communicating insights in real time
Clears up irrelevant noise and simplifies overwhelming information
Modeling human intelligence to make better business decisions