Helping distribution companies grow sales & profit

Uncover hidden opportunities to grow
sales & profit with advanced AI & ML by Insighting


How It Works


Up to 14% increase in sales, from the first month

Our advanced AI & ML modules constantly analyze your data, generating clear action items to grow your business

Why Choose Insighting


Actionable Insights

We tell you exactly what you need to do, and then support it with the data to show you why. Insighting analyzes your external & internal data such as sales, operation, finance, credit scores, and sell-out reports from many sources.
Our smart algorithms, together with advanced AI & ML technology, provide actionable insights - a recipe to follow to generate incremental sales and increase profits. 


Made for Distributors & Wholesalers

Industry specific solutions. Insighting's advanced AI & ML modules are built to answer the specific challenges of the distribution and wholesale industry. Using Insighting's proprietary technology, distributors and wholesalers already uncover hidden sales and operational opportunities every day.

Focus on Execution

A good plan is worth nothing if not executed. 
We don't just provide you with insights and clear action items, we also help you to have the best execution - with live progress monitoring and priority setting for different tasks, you can focus on closing the gaps and reach your business goals.


A Few of Our Features

Insighting generates actionable insights from various business aspects, such as:

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